What we do

We transform business ideas into physical products.

Object Studio is an industrial design agency that offers the entire spectrum of the creation process. From understanding you as a client, your (design)questions to be answered, to understanding how things are made and how they are brought to the market.

We have a strong focus on making. A beautiful idea is worth the most if it’s actually possible to bring it to life, within budget and within the required timeframe. We force ourselves to constantly move ourselves between idea generation and production facilities. Get out of the office, out of your head, and make it. Test it. We strongly believe the best products are designed and developed in close cooperation with makers.


Design Research

Helping our clients finding the real question to be answered via a product or interior. Doing design research helps us to really understand the needs and wishes of the end user.

# Design research, Workshops, Coaching, Vision, User centered design, Business Design, Brand Development

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Product Design

We work at the intersection of design, technology and strategy to create products people love. All our products are physical and more and more have a digital edge.

# Ideas & Concepts, Sketching, Visualization, Testing, Lean Innovation, UX, Prototyping, Internet of things




Making sure a design can be realized as a physical product and it meets all requirements. Optimizing material usage, workflow, cost-price and production cycles. 

# Construction, Material knowledge, Supply chain management, Production, Assembly, Calculating, Tooling, 3D CAD



We realize prototypes and products in our own workshop or together with trusted partners. Being hands on involved provides valuable feedback for the creation process.  

# Welding, Milling, 3D Printing, Woodworking, Injection Molding, Forming, Production Management, Logistics & Storage


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