Product Design, Design Engineering & Project Management

We are designers

We design products, furniture & spaces that people love to use.

We develop them.

And we make them.

To be able to make good designs an industrial designer has to be able to oversee and understand the whole process a product creation project goes through. From understanding the entrepreneur, to generating creative product ideas, towards testing and prototyping, production, distribution, to, the most important and where it actually starts: the end user. This user must love the product, want it, treasure it, and understand it.

It is a constant challenge to try to meet all requirements of everyone involved in a design process, and it forces us to continuously switch between user’s needs, material properties, business cases, machine abilities. And back and forth. And back and forth.

Every day we must test and learn, stay up-to-date, look around, touch everything that surrounds us, go wild and think outside the box, dare to ask for the impossible. Fly high, dream free and go back to reality. Make things. Shake things. Break things.

It’s a job with both a ‘soft’ side (people, psychology, value) as well as a ‘hard’ side (engineering, physical materials, testing, prototyping). We believe it’s a must to incorporate these both sides as much as possible in our actual design studio, both by our own backgrounds as by sharing our office and large workshop with some amazing creative makers and entrepreneurs. We have all the tools we need to play around as much as possible. And if we haven’t enough tools, resources or knowledge ourselves, we certainly know many suppliers and partners who we can ask to join forces.


Amazing, isn’t it? We really love doing it.

Join in. Let’s create. Together.